Welcome to Midasmook.

I am often asked what I do with all the photographs I take, well this website is dedicated to these photographs, in particular photo's of the S.M.R. for the S.M.R. If that doesn't make any sense to you then you shouldn't be here. I had been using a flash gallery to display a lot of the photo's but as most of the guys were using shitey iphones they weren't able to view them. So we have had an overhaul where I will be displaying the photo's from the various outings from each year (start and end of season). The photo's from the May outings from Dundee to Spain will be on display as well. I will be including various photo's from the Summer and Winter Leagues along with photo's which are just taken as we go along our merry way. You will probably notice that there is a link to Family photo's, this is a log in only section for (you guessed it Family).


This section will include other photo's of the S.M.R. members which have been taken along the way, this will include any of the boys on tour, club champions etc.

Winter League

As well as having the Winter League site which includes photo's and results weekly during the winter competition, this will include photo's that I don't have room for normally.

Summer League

We have the Summer League site which is updated with results weekly during the Summer but this will include photo's that I take during the course of the season including the prizegivings.