Winter League 2016 - 2017

March 18

Week Seventeen

El Presidente

2016/17 Champion

Winter League 2016 - 2017

Well after seventeen closely contested weeks we have our 2016/17 winter league champion in the El Presidente himself. This is the second winter league win for him having also won the coveted trophy in the 2011/12 season. There has been very little between the top two, one point in fact since Gary shot a magnificent 6 under to jump to within one point of the lead, there was only one in it till last week when the El Presidente made his move scoring a level which allowed him to get rid of a plus two. This extended the lead to three points which left Gary an awful lot to do which though being very capable of doing it just couldn't manage it on the final day. This makes the El Presidente only the fifth multiple winner of the trophy.

Top Three

The top three.

The race for third place was a different matter altogether with the two Hamiltons stuck on seventeen under for the last five weeks and looking inseperable. Behind them we had Allan Gabriel , Brian Macleod and Donny Mcleod all on fifteen under and all capable of shooting scores good enough to jump the hammies. On the day it was Ronnie Hamilton who secured third place for himself with a great round of golf scoring a net 66 for a four under par. This let Ronnie throw out a minus one and replace it with his minus four to give him a final score of 20 under to secure third place. So to sum up the Champion is El Presidente on - 26 , second place goes to Gary McCrea on - 23 and third goes to Ronnie Hamilton on - 20.


Sweep Winner.


Runner Up.


As much as all eyes were on who was going to end up being champion we still had a sweep to play for and the sweep winner was Calum Macdonald with a net 64 for 42pts all this despite scoring a seven at the last. The runner up was Ronnie Hamilton with a net 66 for 40pts. The winner of the Winter League sweep who picked out the winner at the start of the season was Kenny Murphy.

Winter League

This has been a fantastic and well attended Winter League and we are going from strength to strength every year. We now have a W.L. membership of thirty two which is the maximum we can practically play with in my opinion. We had two additions this year in Gordon Black and Andy Essler who were smashing additions to the group, Gordon played fifteen of the seventeen weeks available despit a heart scare and unfortunately Andy had some family health issues to contend with this year and was only able to manage five but he'll do much better next year. Only three members didn't manage to play their six games, Andy I mentioned and Kenny Murphy as you all know injured his ankle and only managed one game. The other was Iain T Gordon who due to the amount of money he has with drawers full of brown envelopes from the News of the World has tax problems and is only allowed to stay in the country for a limited amount of time and so has to go on cruises, holidays to far corners of the globe all so he doesn't have to pay any tax, so we can all sympathise with his predicament. FUD.

Prizegiving Dinner

The prizegiving dinner is on Friday 14th April so I hope everyone makes an effort to come along and congratulate the winners. Or at least drink their drink. I will also collect the Summer League fees of £13.00 on the night.

March 11

Week Sixteen


Deer on the 14th Fairway.

For the penultimate game of the Winter League it was nice to see a decent turnout of Twenty Two after last weeks Dirty Dozen. The course was its usual heavy and wet after the week of rain we had. We were expecting a wet day but the weather was nearly pleasant after a couple of showers early on. Some good scores were recorded this week.Having nothing to greet aboot as he was out first Del shot a fantastic net 64, see what you can do Del when you just play golf without the moanin' Well Done.


Sweep Winner.


Runner Up.


Sweep winner was Derek Vennard with a net 64 for 42pts and the runner up was Gordon Black with a net 67 for 39pts with Honourable mentions to Calum Macdonald - 68, Allan Gabriel & James Mcewan - 69.

Final Week

Next week sees the final round of the 2016/17 Winter League and it hasn't half flown in quickly. As usual the groups will go out in order of League standings. If you can't make it please let me know a.s.a.p. so I can adjust the groups.

Group 1


Craig Taylor + 10


Gerry Hughes + 17


Derek Vennard + 16

Group 2


Fraser Grant + 16


James Mcewan + 05


Jim Rennie + 02

Group 3


Calumn Macdonald + 02


Blaze Dalgleish L


Gordon Black - 01

john mcewan

John Mcewan -02

Group 4


Graham Clark - 02


Ian Quigg - 04


David Vennard - 08


Bryan Wilson - 09

Group 5

tesco kid

Mark Docherty - 09


Eddie Barrett - 12

the ghost

Mark Mcleod - 13


Chris Boyle - 13

Group 6


Ian Gray - 14


Brian Macleod - 15

the don

Donny Mcleod - 15


Allan Gabriel - 15

Group 7


Ronnie Hamilton - 17


Eddie Hamilton - 17


Gary McCrea - 23


John Mclaughlin - 26

March 04

Week Fifteen

After last weeks complete washout and the course closure week fifteen wasn't looking too clever either. With the rain battering down all night long it was touch and go as to whether the course would be open and if so what state it was going to be in. As it was we had three temporary greens due to flooding. With the rain still on in the morning it was the battle hardened winter league regulars who turned up raring to play in anything. As it was the Dirty Dozen got it nice weather wise as the rain stopped and the sun even made an appearance.

Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen.


With the weather clearing up nicely for the Dirty Dozen that bothered to turn up it was left to see who was going to end up as the Lee Marvin of the bunch. Turned out it was Donny who after turning up like a bag of dirty washin' and not knowing what day it was, he must have been oblivious to the horrible lies we were getting in the puddles and mud as he was able to shoot 37 pts for a net 68 and take the whole Dirty Dozen Kitty.

February 18

Week Fourteen


Joint Fuds.

Week Fourteen saw a very respectable twenty three turn up for a nice winter league game of golf. It was nice to see Kenny Murphy make his first appearance after a long injury, i'm sure everyone in the winter league wish you all the best and hope the injury is behind you now Kenny and you can crack on with your golf. Usual full course on Saturday and the weather was kind to us with only the odd shower to annoy us.

Eddie Barrett

Joint Winner.

Brian Macleod

Joint Winner.


Eddie Barrett has been sneakingly taking lessons from Big Greg and unlike Mulligans lessons these seemed to pay off as on Saturday he and "Mr Consistant" Brian Macleod were joint sweep winners both scoring 38pts and scoring net 68's.


On 14 looking for the ghost.


Here he is coming up 15.

Next Week

Next week Saturday 25th sees the club bring in a so called medal where participation is optional and your handicap isn't affected whether you have a good score or a bad one not one of the clubs better ideas. So with that in mind we will be ignoring this competition and carrying on with our Winter League as normal.


The Don, best treasurer going.

February 11

Week Thirteen

the deer

Not too cold for the Deer.

Nineteen turned up on Saturday for the coldest round of golf in a long time. When we started it was quite pleasant but after a few holes the wind started to blow which felt like it was going to cut you in half. Add to that the frost though not much was enough to make the greens like a pavement which meant judging where you wanted the ball to land a bit of a lottery. Some shots would skite through the green while others would stop dead.




Runner Up.


The conditions made the scoring probably the highest we have had in a long time, with only one group to come in the best score was a net 75 which was really high. Then in came the Ghost with a respectable net 70 for 36 pts and he was the only player not to have his handicap increased. The runner up on the day was Allan Gabriel who had a 72 for 34 pts.

February 04

Week Twelve

Seventeen turned up on Saturday, a lower turnout than usual due to the dismal weather forecast. When we started it was fine and the guys who went out first only got about four holes of bad weather but if like me you were out last then the whole back nine was murder and the only view you had was of the inside of your brolly.

Gay Boys

30 years on.


Despite the terrible weather and full course there were some good scores with Gerry sitting in the clubhouse with a net 67 looking out at the torrential rain and he must have been thinking it was in the bag. Out on the course though were two past club champions and playing with them through the worst of the weather where I could hardly see through the rain and couldn't feel my hands I now know why these guys are past club chammpions. Gary shot a gross 66 for a net 64 and Brian shot a 67 net 62 giving them 42 and 45pts. Fantastic golf in any weather.


Hole in One.

Hole in One

We had our second hole in one of this seasons Winter League when Gordon Black aced the ninth with a magnificent shot.

January 28

Week Eleven

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Bryan.

We had the lowest turnout for a long time (Thirteen) thanks to the lightweights who can't hold their drink and overindulged at Bryans Birthday Party. I dare say Bryan and his generosity of a free bar all night didn't help although this Saturday it's Shirleys fortieth and Graham said you aint seen nothing yet #freebarallnightwithcarryoot. So watch this space. Technology has caught up with the S.M.R. and instead of the balls going in the hat we used Ronnies phone with an app called team generator which picks the teams for you.




Runner Up.


As well as the low turnout we had the worst weather we've had this Winter League with the cold and rain making the round very uncomfortable. This didn't stop Ronnie and Del shooting great scores for the conditions with both having net sixty nines. Ronnie won the sweep with thirty eight points to Dels thirty seven. As we had Thirteen we had a first and second prize but nobody told Ronnie and as Del wasn't there he decided there was only one winner and got off with all the cash. Nice one Ronnie.

January 21

Week Ten

Week Ten

View to the first green.

It had turned really cold for this weekend and there was quite a bit of frost on the ground so there were guys like Bryan Wilson rubbing there hands in anticipation of a good score on the Winter Greens. So it was quite a shock to find out that despite the frost all the greens were on and we had a full course to play on. Seemingly the greenstaff had sprayed the greens with something which meant the greens could be played on and no damage done. I never knew we had so many horticulture experts as guys who can't even cut the grass in their garden all became greens experts and deemed the greens should be off as we were doing untold damage to them. I played on the Sunday and I can tell you the greens were fine and absolutely no damage had been done to them from playing on the Saturday. So once the greenstaff have examined them we could have the prospet of never needing to play on winter greens again. Personally I think this would be great and all we need now is all the tees on every week.

Week Ten

View up Four.

Week Ten

The Ninth Green.


As well as the frost there was the fog or if you come from Penilee the gunsmoke to contend with and it was very hard to see anything for about the first four holes. No one knew what kind of scores would be coming in as we were on unchartered territory playing to frosty greens. For the most part the guys suffered but as always someone will make a score and Saturday saw SMR'S own Porn Stars Gary and Brian shoot a net 69 and a 70 to take the top spots in the sweep.

Brian and Gary

On the Porn Set.

What a difference ..

What a difference a couple of weeks make, only two weeks ago Mark was top of the world after scoring a thirteen under and winning the sweep. This week he had a seventeen over so there was only one solution. That's right "In the Bin".

Brian and Gary

In the Bin.

January 14

Week Nine

Week Nine

Rarin' tae go.

It had turned really cold for this weekend and so we had all winter greens and a hard bumpy frosty course to play on. Twenty three turned up to play which shows you the attraction of the Winter League with guys wanting to play on a day they would normally stay in bed. It was worth getting up to play just to see the view of the moon as we played the second hole.

Week Nine

Putting on the 2nd.

Week Nine

The Don, Graham & C.T..


We were expecting a low score to win with a wad of two's as well. There were thirteen two's so you had to make sure you got one as it was going to be costly if you didn't. The bold Donny 'the Don' Mcleod shot a thirteen under for a net fifty six for forty nine points to keep it in the family and match son Mark 'the ghost' Mcleod from last week. Runner up with a net sixty one for forty four points was El Presidente who now jumps to the top of the league table.


The Don.


El Presidente (Best View).

Ye Shag Wan Sheep

What is it with big Gary and towels and what he does in them. Saturday saw Gordon Black lose his Odyssey towel and was calling across to every other fourball on the course asking if they found his towel but no joy. Once back in the clubhouse someone mentioned that Gary had found an Odyssey towel. Gary had actually been playing with Gordon when he "lost" his towel. Peculiar brown streaks were found on the towel when he got it back. I wondered why Gary had an Odyssey towel in the shower. When asked about it Gary said exasperatedly honestly you "shite on wan towel".

The Saint

No Me a Widnae dae that.

January 7

Week Eight

Hope you all had a good New Year and enjoyed the festive break.The Weather wasn't too nice over the holidays but at least we managed to get our game in on the Wednesday between Xmas and New Year I had to mention this as I happened to win the double kitty, be part of the winning team, win my match and also managed to have two twos as well. It all mounted up to £48 which was nice. We had twenty six on Saturday morning which was a great turnout and gave us five fourballs and two three balls. If the clubhouse supplied breakfasts I think they would have done a roaring trade. All the greens on and full course so no daft scores today then.


The Ghost.


Well usually when the full course and greens are on there aren't any daft scores that you get on the frosty winter green days. When I got in I was told that thirty nine was in the lead which was impressive So I was shocked to learn that I had misheard and that it was actually a forty nine that was winning. What a score for a full course mind you it was Mark "the ghost" Mcleod that scored it so probably nobody saw him all the way round. Mark scored a net 57 which is a 13 under par, a fantastic score. The runner up was Iain "The Commander" Gordon who had his own tale of woe shooting 38 pts but scoring a 1 over par due to having a ten up the sixteenth after spending fifteen minutes trying to get out the bunker. He was great company to sit with after that and didn't mention it at all much. Mark meanwhile spent Saturday night haunting a hoose he had his eye on all week.

Bunker Kid

Iain Sandy Gordon.

Curry Night December 15

We all had a great time at the Curry Night on Thursday, the meal was superb and a big Thanks to Allan Gabriel for organizing the event and booking the meal. Iain Gordons' troosers and shoes stood out as the fashion statement of the night.

December 17

Week Seven

Twenty again this week so another five fourballs to play on the full course. It was a lot colder this week with a bit of wind and let me tell you that if you were out last as I was by the time we teed off it was freezin'.


Finally out off the golf gear.


Despite the full course and handicaps being cut we are still getting really good scores. This week we had Grant Kennedy shooting a net 66 for 40pts with three runner ups shooting net 67's for 39pts. They were Gary, Ronnie and Fraser. Not hard to work out Grants secret at the golf, he wears the same gear every time he plays which is nice for him but a bit on the smelly side for everyone else.

Bounce Games

The next two weeks are non counter bounce games, that is Saturday December 24th & Saturday December 31st. Have a good Xmas and New Year and The Winter League will start back as for real on Saturday January 7th.









December 10

Week Six

Saturday saw the weather remain mild which meant all the greens were on and we could have a good day at the golf. We had twenty turn up which was great as it meant we had five fourballs.

Tesco Kid

Bryan and Chopper so happy to be first and second.


Again with the greens on and no run it meant there were no crazy scores although it was a crazy that won it. Big Gay boy Wilson managed to score a net 68 for 39pts to win the sweep. We had four on 69 fighting for runner up El Presidente had a 69 for 37pts as had Calum and Quiggy aka the Black Coo but it was Big Chopper who took the 2nd place money with a 69 for 38 pts. Chop must have still been buzzin from his night out celebrating last Saturday night but as you can see he celebrated a bit differently this week and is now having big trouble sitting down.

Curry Night

Just a wee reminder that our annual Xmas Curry Night is on Thursday night 7.00pm - 7.30pm hope to see you all there.

December 03

Week Five

Saturday saw the weather turn milder which meant all the greens were on and there wouldn't be any 10 under scores like we have seen in the last couple of weeks. We still had a turnout of twenty three which was a decent turnout.

The Chop

Chopper celebrates.


The scoring was very high this week but there is always one or two who manage to master the course. This week was no exception with Graham Clark managing to score a net 67 for 39 pts with the runner up Mark the ghost Mcleod scoring 38pts and cursing the eleven he managed to run up. The ghost is one to watch this season you'll have to squint hard right enough as he tends to fade in and out like all apparitions. Big Chopper made a few calls to some pals and went out to celebrate his win.

The Ghost

I can see him.


How fkn hard is it to get this right ? We have a sheet of paper where if you have had a two you mark your name down on the sheet, simple eh Not if you have doughballs counting up the names before all the fourballs are in. Please wait till everyone is in and had a chance to put their names on the sheet before counting up the two's.

It was all happening at the seventeenth on Saturday, first of all we had big greetin' face Wilson throwin' his clubs aboot cos he had 33pts playing seventeen and more importantly ahead of Juan the Waiter when he landed in the right hand bunker, two shots later he was in the left hand bunker although he managed to throw his club into it before the ball went in. He still had 33 pts after the hole and Juan had 34. Then just after that Allan Gabriel managed to hit his ball out the left hand bunker and managed to shout out "fore" just in time to see it hitting Fraser on the head.

Another date for your Diary is Wednesday 28th December when we will be having our annual game between Xmas and New Year. tee time is 10.30. see you all there.

Jim Rennie

This was Fraser before the ball hit him.

Ian Gray

Bad Man.

November 26

Week Four

Can't believe we are up to Week Four already but we are and it was a cold and frosty one. Another chance to get a big score for the eighteen who turned up in the freezing cold. The forecast had predicted -2 and fog, we lucked out on the fog not appearing but it was Baltic though thankfully no wind to speak of. The frost was much harder than last week making it a lot trickier but there is always someone making a score.

Tesco Kid

Mark won with 46pts.


There were quite a few good scores this week and the sweeep money was hotly contested but the Tesco Kid came out on top with a magnificent 46 pts scoring a net 59. Closely on his tail were Jim Rennie,Ian Gray and Chris Boyle all on 45 pts. Needless to say Mark got off his mark straight down to Tesco with his winnings and posted a photo on the whatsapp of himself outside his favourite shop with all the goodies he bought.

Jim Rennie

Jim Rennie

Ian Gray

Ian Gray.

Chris Boyle

Whit the fuck is that.

First time appearence this week for Calum and we only need Kenny Murphy to make an appearance for everyone to have played at least one game. Grant Kennedy and Gordon Black got a bit of a culture shock this week coming from the sun and sand of Dubai to the snow and snotters of Ralston.

Jim Rennie


Ian Gray


November 19

Week Three

Week three saw the coldest day yet with a groundfrost meaning it was winter greens and a chance for a big score. It might have been winter greens but with the frost and the fairways having been worked on the ball was bumping all over the shop especially with putts. We had sixteen all bright and breezy and ready to go, a few hadn't made it from the Sportsmans Dinner the night before and our leader Gary was playing a tie with Brian so there was a chance for someone to make inroads into Gary's score.

Bryans Drive

Bryans Drive at the first.

Bryan Wilson

Finally gets it away after a drop

The Gay Drive

As we were all standing on the path waiting on the first fourball to hit their shots we heard a thud followed by a "where the fuck did that go" from Big Wilson. Sure enough this side of the path under the trees was the big Gay boys drive. He tried to play it as quick as he could so he wouldn't be photographed but as you can see he wasn't fast enough.


So as we predicted we had some good scores with the sweep money going to the El Presidente who had 45pts and the runners up were Chris,Allan and C.T. who all had 44pts. Our current champion Graham Miller finally showed up and posted the best score of the day with a net 60 but his points tally was only 43 meaning he wasn't even in the top four. Serves him right for running up a seven at the fourteenth.

Bryans Drive

Hole in One for El Presidente.

Bryan Wilson

Sweep win for El Presidente.

Hole in One

We had our first Hole in One of the Winter League with the El Presidente hitting a magnificent wedge into the ninth which landed five feet to the left of the hole then took a jump at right angles right into the hole. I have been witness to some holes in one in the past and the shot has always been met with much shouting and jumping about but you could have heard a pin drop then all I heard was from Mulligan "Awe fuck naw" and Wee Gerry "You must be fkn jokin " Even my own parter in the game Quiggy was heard to mumble "Hid tae be him dint it" Anyway I accepted their congratulations and played on and as in the traditions of the last holes in one players I will be bringing a drink along to the Curry Night.

Gordon and Wayne

Gordon and Wayne Reilly

Sky TV

Gordon Black,Fraser Grant and Grant Kennedy are all over in Dubai watching and playing golf. Gordon couldn't believe it when he was spotted by Sky TVs Wayne Reilly and was asked to do an interview about the famous S.M.R. Winter League. I'm told he asked Gordon to pass on congratulations to El Presidente on his Hole in One and sweep Win.

Dates for your Diary

Allan Gabriel has kindly booked up the curry shop for us and we will be having our annual curry nosh up on Thursday December 15th. Our presentation Dinner has been booked for Friday April 14th. With the outing being Saturday 25th March this means that the last day of the Winter League will be Saturday 18th March.


The sweep was drawn on Saturday so if you don't know who you should be rooting for this year then look at the bottom of your page.

Week Two

We had a great day weatherwise for the time of year and with 22 turning up we were all set for week two of the winter league. The course seemed set up for some good scores and that's the way it worked out. With Andy Essler, Iain Gordon and Grant Kennedy turning up the only guys not to make an appearance yet are Kenny Murphy,Calum Macdonald and the reigning champ Graham Miller.

Gary McCrea

The Ralston Lighthouse


Mark Mcleod

Gary McCrea The Ralston Lighthouse got off to a fine start winning the first sweep with a fantastic 41 pts for a net 65 making 5 under and he done even better this week shooting a 63 for 43 pts and has declared a "Catch me if you can" challenge to the rest of the winter league. Gary is now 12 under after two weeks and as past champion John Mcewan has said it's only his to lose. Runner up with 42pts was the ghost who shot a net 67 but had more points than Eddie Barrett and Ronnie Hamilton both scoring 65's.

David Vennard

Gay or Gay for Pay.

I've heard some weird and wonderful arguments out on the golf course but Saturdays takes some beating. I was playing with Andy Essler against Bryan Wilson and Davie Vennard (who we beat tits bum fanny the lot by the way) when the argument started by our resident Gay 'Wilson' was that Andy(the hairdresser)Essler was even gayer than him and that he was trying to steal his title. I still can't work out if he was glad Andy(the hairdresser)Essler was gayer than him or angry that Andy(the hairdresser)Essler was gayer than him. Andy(the hairdresser)Essler put up the defence that not all hairdressers were gay and that he was only in it for the money. So Gay or Gay for pay you decide.

I intend to do the draw for the sweep this coming Saturday.

Group Photo

The First week turnout

Week One

Well we're off and running in the Winter League season 2016/17.The first shot to get us underway was hit by Allan Gabriel the five time champion. As usual we had the Team Photograph to start us off with only four missing. The reigning champion Graham Miller turned up in his jogging bottoms specifically for the photie then had to get away quick as he was running a 10k in aid of high handicap golfers. This left twenty six of us putting the balls in the hat to bring out two three balls and five fourballs.

Allan Gabriel

Hit first shot

Graham Miller

Still Running


The Ralston Lighthouse got off to a fine start winning the first sweep with a fantastic 41 pts for a net 65 making 5 under.The runner up on the day was Brian Macleod with 39 pts for a 67 making 3 under.

Gary McCrea

The Ralston Lighthouse 5 under

Brian Macleod

Brian Macleod 3 under


Bryan brought a mirror for the draw.

What did you do in the war?

The Commander didn't show up as he was the worst for wear after hosting the polishing of the Silver Salver on Friday night which was won by Jim Rennie. He did send along this photo to let everyine see his medals from WW2. Either that or he got a medal for every hundred brown envelopes he received from The news of the world. I know which story I believe.

The Commander

Show us yer medals

Andy Essler

Man Flu

Andy Essler our newest member after a famous begging letter didn't show up for the golf but did turn up to show another letter , this time from his wife excusing Andy from golf as he had a severe case of the Man Flu.


Every week throws up the same problems with two's money with guys buggering off and not claiming or not putting enough money in or guys claiming twice so to try and sort this out we will have a sheet so you can mark down your two or two's. If your name isn't on the sheet then you will be deemed as not having a two. If you are first in and no sheet then get a sheet of paper from behind the bar and jot your name down. Let's hope this sorts it out.

Welcome back for another Winter League, last years use of full handicaps rather than three quarter seemed to work out fair so we are going to be playing full handicaps again this year. We had a really wet winter last year let's hope this years is cold but dry. We have two new members this year in Gordon Black who was runner up in the Club Championship and is prone to whipping his gear aff on the course, and Andy (the silver fox) Essler who wrote an impassioned begging letter and has promised to have my moustache trimmed at his wifes hair salon oh aye and free haircuts for all Winter League members. Mind you if the haircuts are going to look like his I think most of the boys will pass.

The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox

Gordon Black

Gordon Black

As usual we have the Club Champion playing with us in David Vennard who takes over from Last years champion Fraser Grant. David beat one of our new members Gordon Black in the final. We also have the Ralston Rosebowl winner in Blair Dalgleish. Graham Clark had a particular good year in not only winning the Summer League Trophy but he also won the Ralston Order of Merit Trophy along with the Medal Finals first class trophy. Fraser Grant was also a winner winning the Walker Laird Strokeplay and the Glasgow Autumn Meeting. The S.M.R. also won the inaugeral Challenge trophy beating the Tuesday Terets mob to win the trophy.

David Vennard

David Vennard

Blair Dalgleish

Blair Dalgleish

Graham Clark

Graham Clark

Fraser Grant

Fraser Grant

Fraser Grant

The S.M.R. Boys

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday Morning to kick off the new Winter League season 2016/17. As usual we will have the Winter League Photo taken before tee off. Please bring your £15.00 fee as well. Enjoy the rest of the season Boys.

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